Devils, Satans, and Lucifers whose reality Unitarian Universalists must acknowledge

  1. I have met this Devil, many times. The song remains the same:
  2. Satan introduces the worship of crosses and crucifixion through empire:
  3. Lucifer arrives via an unintentional blood sacrifice and does a little good at an unconscionable cost:
  4. The Devil anticipates Stephen Strange telling Victor Von Doom, “I think you should be afraid, old friend.” Kind of:
  5. Constantine teaches the Devil’s Disciples to hide behind desks in gaudy uniforms and click down the halls of power in pantsuit and heels:
  6. Even when the Devil is dogging you down into the grave, he is still no more than a man, and you can still get your licks in on him while you go, even if all you can do is call attention to you as you are drowning, not waving, but drowning with a knee on your throat:

I know there’s more. This is what I have right now. If you have one, lay it on me!

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