The Once and Future American Gods

I understand our situation now.

As followers of Jesus leave him for the Trump cult, Jesus’s power weakens as Trump’s grows. When Jesus finally figured out there was a demon inside Trump, he tried an exorcism, which started okay until it turned out there were way more demons than anyone knew. Now the demons just keep on coming, because the Trump cult has used their greater power to prop the portal to hell open.

And as is traditional, those demons are fleeing into herds of swine who run themselves off a cliff, screaming.

That is why I prefer science fiction to fantasy: Happier endings.

“Thoughts and Prayers”: I love this song. Don’t misuse it.

This is a wonderful, humane, sorrowful song. I love it so much. And I get angry as hell when I see you misconstrue it:

A lot of you don’t seem to understand who this line is directed to:

Stick it up your ass with your useless thoughts and prayers

So let me break it down for you:

It is aimed at the politician who offers thoughts and prayers because he plans to do nothing more. It is not aimed at the victim’s mother who is trying to live through another minute any way she can.

It is aimed at Karen from Corporate HR peddling BS when you know the job killed your co-worker. It is not aimed at the guy next to you in the meeting who found the note and still can’t sleep.

In short: It is aimed at the guilty. It is not aimed at the innocent.

One of my oldest friends in the world spent over thirty years in the Park Service. He’s jumped into deathtraps more times than I’ve skinned my knee–and I’m a clumsy SOB! Whenever I heard about a fire in the West, he was on my mind, all the time. He sure had my thoughts, and if I were the praying kind, he’d’ve had my prayers. Because I cared about him. Thoughts and prayers that express care are Good.

For those who offer thoughts and prayers instead of caring? Because they don’t care? Let’s sharpen their thoughts and prayers up real good so they stick real well.