Two Kinds Of Plans To Make Right Now

The first kind is very easy; the second kind is wickedly hard.

First plan for what you will do in six months at the start of what might be the furthest left presidential administration ever. Don’t be fooled by the guy on top; JFK was awfully conservative, too, but the people he picked couldn’t be. The same thing will happen with Biden.

It’s one of the best opportunities we have for a more humane and livable world. Figure out how you’re going to help make that happen.

Then plan for what you will do for the next six months to ensure you get that chance. Here’s what the folks you’re working against plan to do: Donald Trump suggests delay to 2020 US presidential election. He and his followers are as serious as a heart attack, and as deadly.

And as survivable, if you plan well and don’t do stupid things.

We’re on the defensive now, with centuries of elections during any and every crisis to back us up. All we have to do is hold the ground of Elections On Time! for three months, then the ground of Enforce The Results! for three more months.

And we have a secret weapon, of sorts: President Chick N. Shit

Donald Trump faces justice.

He’s a flincher. He talks tough and backs down from firm resistance. He has an eminently kickable political ass. Don’t back down.

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